• Enterprise-grade Wireless, with multiple access points
  • Intrusion prevention with deep packet scanning to stop malware
  • Site-to-site VPN – connect multiple offices with just a click
  • Hassle-free remote access VPN
  • Domain Filtering  provides enhanced website access control
  • Stateful firewall – with threat reporting by country
  • Built-in storage (1TB) available
  • Instant snapshots, to protect against ransomware
  • Cloud backups and archives, for disaster recovery
  • Dual WAN links with automatic failover to keep data flowing
  • All of this and more in one easy to use appliance

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UNBOX™  Technology That “Just Works”

Wi-Fi. Data backup. Secure, reliable access for your local, mobile and remote workforce. Every business relies heavily upon technology, but smaller companies may not be able to invest in large, complex systems.

An innovative new approach can bring you better, more reliable performance—with no costly upfront investment in infrastructure.

With one simple device installed at your business location, we’ll improve your IT performance while reducing cost and risk. Unbox delivers:

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The Unbox to rule them all!

Powered by the cloud, managed from anywhere.