Omni by FNI

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Omni by FNI is the premiere, full, end-to-end business IT solution your business needs. Omni dramatically simplifies and increases business IT efficiency with straightforward system designs. It does this through optimizing the utilization of FNI’s amazing, experienced and knowledgeable technicians with unbeatable data center resources and leading edge, enterprise-class security. Omni takes the stresses and hassles of managing, maintaining, and keeping in-house servers up-to-date away and empowers your business to focus on what it does best. Omni is easily scalable, as your company grows Omni can adapt and grow with it! While your business needs change, Omni by FNI allows it to still maintain IT budget predictability.

Benefits of Omni by FNI:

  1. Your business will never need to purchase server hardware again.
  2. Your business will never need to purchase server software again.
  3. With replication and mirroring your business will be up and running without downtime due to hardware failure.
  4. Your business will have no need for a dedicated, temperature controlled space onsite, saving money and reducing electricity use.
  5. Your business data will be more secure.
  6. Your business will take pride in going green! Our Omni data center is one of the “greenest” in the nation and dramatically lowers your carbon footprint. It provides up to 96% lower CO2 equivalent emissions!
  7. Your business will be using a burstable fiber connection to the datacenter with incredible speeds up to 1GB.  This is a private and secure connection from your office directly to the datacenter.
  8. Your business will have fully-managed cloud based backups.
  9. Your business will be using our Foresight remote monitoring and management for workstations
    1. Antivirus - Industry leading, cloud managed, locally installed
    2. Anti-Malware - Industry leading, cloud managed, locally installed
    3. State-of-the-art Remote Access software
    4. Patching, Monitoring & Security Updating
    5. Hardware Performance & Preventative Maintenance Reporting
    6. Informative Monthly System Health Reports
  10. Your business will be supported by the amazing, local, experienced, and trusted FNI Technical team for workstation and server issues!

Omni by FNI will be the Simplified, Unified, Scalable technology solution your business can rely on to reduce downtime, improve productivity, and simultaneously cut overall TCO and optimize ROI.

If your business already has fiber or another high speed connection, click below to learn about Omni Essentials by FNI.