Office 365 Testimonials

"The new Office is the best Office… beautiful, modern software, radically different from anything it’s done before."

– Gizmodo  (Office 365  reviewer)

"We tried to use Google Docs, but it didn’t work reliably and often skewed the formatting."

– NaturallyMe  (Office 365  Small Business customer)

"When you look at the capabilities, the price per user, and the opportunity costs of supporting on-premises servers internally, we are confident   Office 365 is the right decision for our business."

–Patagonia (Office 365 Medium-Sized Enterprise customer)

A lot of great features + predictable costs + flexibility of deployment = A great value for your business!

Office Desktop Applications

Latest version of Office suite as a subscription; Per-user licensing across 5 PC/Mac and 5 mobile devices; Roaming documents, applications and settings; Office on demand to stream the full Office to a PC.

Exchange Online
Hosted business class email and shared calendar; 25 GB of storage space per user; Use your own domain name to send emails; Premium spam and malware protection.

SharePoint Online
Document sharing and management in the cloud; Internal and external sites for working together on projects; Online and offline access to your documents; Build your company public website with easy-to-use templates.

Lync Online
Multi-party HD video conferencing; Real-time note taking and document sharing; Instant messaging and presence across firewalls; Skype federation with presence, IM and voice.

Why choose Office 365 over the competition?


  • Provides a familiar, consistent user experience across PC, tablet, phone and browser that virtually eliminates the learning curve.
  • Provides an integrated, easy-to-use solution that allows you to access documents online and offline, share calendars, instant message and make PC-to-PC calls allowing you to get work done virtually anytime, anywhere.


  • Scan Office 365 customers’ email for ad targeting. There is no ad-supported version of Office 365.
  • Require you to use a number of individual solutions to meet your business needs.