Your electronic files are the key to your business.  What if you walked in tomorrow and discovered that a virus like Cryptolocker had left your important documents unusable?

While most backup services are designed for “documents and general data” their terms of service warn against using them for “sensitive data”.  That’s because they send your files, un-encrypted, over the internet where any hacker could snag them.

FNI’s Intuisafe software compresses and encrypts your data BEFORE sending it over an encrypted connection to data centers located on opposite coasts in the US.  Your unique, private encryption keys ensure only YOU can access your data.  Intuisafe’s 256bit AES encryption process meets or exceeds requirements for PHI, HIPPA and PCI DSS compliance.

All of this safety and security is EASY to use. Don’t believe us? See for yourself, start a free 30 day trial today!