We Bring Our Clients the Best IT Solutions!

Future Networking has a unique offering that combines the depth and quality of an in-house IT department with the breadth of resources, knowledge and experience that comes with an outside contractor. Constantly changing, growing and finding new and better resources for our clients, FNI takes pride and ownership of your technology needs for a fraction of the cost associated with full-time IT staff.

Specializing in business technology that works for organizations of all sizes, Future Networking serves a wide range of clients from financial advisers working out of their home office to a renowned manufacturer celebrating almost 100 years in business! Future Networking has a lot of competitors in the area, but clients choose them as the best technology solution provider to meet their needs - some of those clients have been with FNI for over 20 years!

From shortcuts and email issues to business specific application support, the FNI help desk staff is ready and able to assist end users. From simple routers and switches to large scale WiMAX networks, virtualization and cloud computing, advanced technical staff is experienced in configuring high availability systems. The 24/7 network operations center (NOC) performs overnight maintenance and security patching on servers and monitors networks closely for potential issues so they can be addressed before causing disruptions.


Step through our doors to find the best IT Support for your business, FNI, INC.


Office location is 6950 SW Hampton Street, Suite 140 in beautiful Tigard Oregon.

The most unique aspect of FNI is a flexibility and willingness to grow and change. Our business has adapted to keep pace with advances in technology to bring Cloud Solutions, Voice Over Internet Protocol phone systems (VOIP), and Data Center solutions. As much experience as we have, we’re still learning, growing and changing on a daily basis to better meet and exceed client expectations!

Future Networking has the experience, skill, and resources to take care of your technology and keep your business performing at its best. We care about you, your company and your success. We believe that while Technology Today is important, keeping Tomorrow in Mind will reduce costs, boost productivity and keep your staff focused on what they do best!

Strong Foundation

Wayne Waldron
President / Founder

The founder of FNI started out programming IBM main frame computers in 1987. From there, he worked on AS400 native and RPG, expanded to the PC environment starting with Windows 3.11, and then NT4 server and workstation through the latest versions today. In 1996 he worked as a PC technician and that experience inspired him to research starting his own company.

In 1998, Future Networking was established as a one man shop that eventually grew into FNI, INC. His passion for customer service and helping clients get the most out of available technology have been the driving force behind the success of FNI for over 20 years.